The Orange Cat Veggie Burger: A Sonnet

 When yearnings press for peace in decor bright,

When appetite awakes with thoughts of lunch,

The Orange Cat is dreamt of day and night--

Its wondrous menu, thought "divine to munch".

With smiles and words of welcome from the staff

One enters, orders, finds a comfy seat

Within it's pictured walls, to quip and laugh

While waiting for one's meal - oh joy complete!

The kitchen's soups gain fame both far and near,

With sandwiches - a score -

chalked on the board,

And buns and cookies, jaded lives to cheer.

Who can resist - foreswear this tasty hoard?

All these entice my heart, o'er vale and hill;

The best of them? The Veggie Burger still!

Written by our amazingly talented friend, Geoff